Goldilocks Bowl

Never too hot. Never too cold.

  • Outer bowl detaches so you can fill it with hot water to reheat food or keep it warm
  • Add cold water to the outer bowl to keep food cold or add ice to cool down hot food rapidly
  • Silicone suction base takes the mess out of mealtime

We think mealtimes should be a happy time that puts a smile on your little one’s dial. The ‘Goldilocks dilemma’ (the food is either too hot or too cold) shouldn’t put a dampener on the fun!

Hungry little mouths can be impatient waiting for dinner to cool down. But with the Goldilocks double-bowl system, you can bring their meal to a safe temperature rapidly by filling the bottom outer bowl with cold water or ice.

Voila – no more dinnertime meltdowns!

And if your little one is a slow eater, you can keep food hot for longer by filling the outer bowl with warm water.

Best of all, if you’re a health-conscious super-parent, you will also be happy to hear that the inside bowl is made from stainless steel, so there’ll be no lingering stains or smells.

The two detachable bowls also make clean-up a breeze. Simply twist them apart and pop in the dishwasher. And in case you’re wondering, the outer bowl is 100% BPA free plastic.

Sweet-treat tip: Before you whip out the ice cream on a hot day, put the stainless-steel inner bowl in the freezer for around 10 minutes prior to serving.

Ideal for: Ages 9 months

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