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2021’s Non Toxic, Eco Friendly, Dinnerware Trend Alert

How often do you clean out all the plastic storage containers in your pantry? Not for the purpose of organising all the lids and containers, but more so to inspect the integrity of the Plastic, Melamine and other Stoneware products.

All plastic is not equal, and unfortunately, even the best quality isn’t great for microwave use.

Few know that “microwave safe” actually means it won’t melt. It doesn’t indicate “safe to heat food in”, for consumption.

With some others, while they are safe to warm the food in, it is actually best to not reheat on high for more than 2 minutes. In that too, to preferably reheat food items that aren’t too high in fat or sugar.

Same with Stoneware products. While they are safer for reheating food in the microwave, the glaze that is used sometimes leaches lead into food. Many of the ‘issues’ stated above often happen when the products become unstable with age or when scratches form on the eating surfaces, with use.

Over the years, as the family grows, it is normal to have (way too many) plastic tableware and storage containers. After all, no one denies the convenience of plastic-ware. Can you imagine reheating your kid’s meal on the stove top while holding a very hungry toddler? However, given we are often making choices that affect family and our kids in particular, we need to educate ourselves.

Metalware was very popular in the past and as with other trends, it has seen a very strong resurgence over the last couple of years, even replacing drinking straws and water bottles.

Much like glass, some great things upfront is obviously the sustainable nature of the resource alongside it’s ease of being moulded into soft ergonomic shapes suitable for little hands.

  • It cleans up well: No odours remain and it doesn’t stain.
  • Dishwasher compatible
  • Stable with temperature (heat, and freezer storage friendly for batch cooking) over years of use
  • It won’t chip with rough use or shatter when dropped

And when combined with the innovative product materials, like silicone, we are able to create ‘attractive,  creative, colourful’ tableware and move away from boring, conventional gray metal.

Exciting times ahead!

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